The Birth of The Eagle CSC


In 1984 Paulette came to Canada and though she struggled with a learning disability, she worked hard on upgrading her education, in 1993 she obtain her Ontario hair styling license.      In 1999 to 2003 she channeled herself to studies at a Christian Collage with the intent to understand salvation.  Now she holds a master’s degree in Religious Education and Counselling at the California State Christian University.  Paulette is a member of New Hope Tabernacle; a ministry of the Church of God of Prophecy.  She is a member of the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counselor of America (EOCPC).  She is also a member of the General Practice Psychotherapy (G.P.P) with the Canada Christian Clinic. Paulette is an ordain chaplain, here are some area of interested that she is certified in; Christian Employee Assistance Program Counsellor, and Marriage Counsellor.  Christian Pastoral Counsellor in Social Work, Pastoral Counsellor.  She is also certified in Drugs and Addiction Counsellor, and Christian mental health. She as accomplished her basic required curse of the Church of God of Prophecy.


Paulette volunteers at William Olster Health Centre at the Etobicoke site for four and half years, she terminated that position to aid the cause of the Black Inmate.  She is certified with 20 hours Introduction to Community Mediation and holds a certificate on the skills to foster parent. Paulette is also certified in participation in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. 


September 16, 1998 an incident occurred.   It was a nightmare for her and her and family.  November 4, 1998 news flashed, one reported; “Woman Strip-searched after food-tab fracas.”  Toronto police was questioned of their behavior.  The black community ran to aid her family.  Paulette later became a member of the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA).  Later she became a member of the African Canadian Legal Clinic (ACLC).  For The Black Action Defense Committee (BADC), Mr. Dudley Laws support went beyond any one in emotional needs could ask for. 


Not only did Paulette become a member of BADC she became an intern in 2003 and worked as community agent as well as administration assistance.  Later she became a part-time employment and found satisfaction in the Black Inmates and Friends Association (BIFA) group at the Joyceville Institution. With the encouragement of Mr. Laws to open a centre, in 2006 The Eagle CSC was birth and Dr. Stephen Hambly, Chair of the Board EOCPC, along with her families and friends.


Paulette takes pride in working as a residential counselor at a group home of youths with behavioral issues and dealt with serious occurrence reports and missing persons report and etc. She has the skill in supporting parent with the Children Aid Society (CAS) as well as children visitation, court, family visits, doctor and hospital visits).  She has a track record with the Canada Ontario Court of Justice for counsel and support the accused and have the understanding of working with the offender and their Parole Officer and mental heal (PO).  She also has a track record with the Canada Mental Health Association (CMHA), Peel with their Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT Team). 


It is evident that with her skills, knowledge and passion to help, with the many incidents of violence and the loss of lives that threaten our com­munity, The Eagle CSC Pre/post re­lease project is working very hard with the New Hope Tabernacle Prison Ministry, and faith group, community organization, others supporters and volunteer. With the requested of the black inmates within the Ontario Federal Institutions we can make a positive in pack in our community.


Paulette just want to give appreciations to her Senor Pastor Bishop H.L. Martin and the New Hope Tabernacle pastoral team and members, Dr. Stephen Hambly, Imam Michael Taylor Ontario Federal Regional-institutional Chaplain, Donovan Blair Ontario Federal Regional Manager and Ethno-Cultural Services, Mr. Winston LaRose Jane and Finch Concerned Citizen Organization, Laws family and Jemila Jackson Freedom Counselling and Pychotherapy. Rick Garveyite Drywell, Kingsley Gilliam BADC.  Along with Rev. Dr. Paulette Crooks-Drummond, Pastor Delaunay, Miss Lorna Anderson, Sis Sylvia Richards, Gloria Hastings, Ms. Patricia Wynters, clients, Pastors, family and friends thanks for all your supports and encouragements.



Life seems unfair at times, we hurt others, and others hurt us. As a community chaplain do remember to trust in God because he is with us.  Let’s be encouraged by Isaiah 40:31; But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."