Take a look at the various acknowledgements the media has given the work of the Eagle CSC and its Director Paulette Clarke-Domize. We are both proud and honored.
Surprise Appreciation:  The Marilyn Denis Show

On December 18th Director of the Eagle Paulette Clarke-Domize was surprised while sitting in the studio audience of the Marylin Denis Show. The show highlighted Paulette and thanked her for the sacrifices she has made to helping others. The show also included an article on their website!


Take a look: The Marilyn Denis Show

Recipient of the Charles Roach Award

Paulette was presented with the Charles Roach Award by Toronto District Police Superintendent David McLeod. This awardrecipient was recognized through the Black Action Defense Committee for her work through The Eagle CSC. The Gleaner also included an article in their popular Caribbean newspaper!


See the article: The Gleaner


Interview on The Michael Coren Show

In 1998 Shortly after the strip search case Paulette was interviewed on The Michael Coren show. This show gave Paulette the opportunity to speak about all the good that had come from such a horrific event.

What Started It All

The Eagle CSC stemmed from a passion and urgency to help the black community through its Founder and Director Paulette Clarke-Domize. The catalyst was an unjustified strip search conducted by the Toronto Police. It was this unfortunate incident that led to Dudley Laws reaching out to Paulette in her time of need. The Globe and Mail covered this story back in 1998.