The Team

Paulette Clarke-Domize
Founder and  Director,          Counsellor

E.O.C.P.C, G.P.P, M.R.E.C, C.C.C.

From 1980 to present, the founder of The Eagle, Ms. Paulette Clarke-Domize, an ordained Chaplain, has been involved in many community initiatives. The Eagle is registered with the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsel­lors Of America (EOCPC) and The Canadian Christian Clinical Coun­sellors Association as well as the General Practice Psychotherapist (G.P.P).  Paulette is a member of the New Hope Tabernacle and is the director of the Prison Ministry.  The Eagle CSC is working very hard with other faith groups, community organizations, and volunteers. Paulette has served at the William Osler Hospital for four and half years as a spiritual provider.  Her passion for helping those in need is what sparked her interest in helping inmates within the prison system through The Eagle Counselling and Support Centre. The Eagle CSC continues to partner with like-minded community members to develope the lives of the inmates while in prison as well as post-release.

     To be a source of hope and strength to those affected by incarceration within the African-Canadian Community and encouraging them to reach
     their highest potential. 
Our Mission
     To help strengthen families and youth within the African-Canadian community that have been affected by incarceration; to support them in restoring
     confidence within themselves and their communities; to aid them in becoming role models and leaders through counselling, workshops and strong
     community alliances.
     To prepare inmates for release into the community, integration back into society and work with them post-release.  
Our Vision
Our Objective

The Eagle Counseling and Support Centre Board Members


Paulette Clarke-Domize - Board Director and Chair

Sabrina Domize - Treasurer

Deanna Johnson – Secretariat


Let's Meet!

“We're continuing to grow and look forward to expanding our team in order to better meet the needs of those within our community. If you are interested in what we are doing and are curious as to how you can be a part of the movement, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you!  -The Team-

Paulette Clarke-Domize